Three of the most popular Rolex watches for men in 2021, the last one you might not guess

When choosing a watch, many watch enthusiasts like to follow the crowd, after all, what everyone likes is basically the same, so don’t worry about making a joke. Today, Wang Hui, a watchmaker at Wang Hui Watchmaking, is here to give you a summary of the three most popular Rolex watches for men in 2021, see which one you are wearing.

The Green Ghost

Many people’s first impressions of Rolex began with the Green Ghost, which was first launched in 2010, but to this day it is still a watch that countless men can’t get enough of.

The Green Ghost has been able to maintain a high level of popularity, on the one hand because it is backed by the Rolex tree, which is a good source of cool. On the other hand, the design of the watch is very flamboyant, with its green ceramic bezel and dial,replica rolex watches which gives it a refreshing feeling. Of course, the extremely low production volume has also made it possible for consumers to want it and not get it easily, and then want it even more, keeping its popularity high.

The Cosmograph Daytona (Panda Dee)

The DiToner can be said to be an art in Rolex, since all its models have their own style of design and uniformly have a high face value; secondly, it has professional chronograph functions and can be considered a complicated model in Rolex, with an extraordinary status, watchmaker Fai.

With its classic black and white colour scheme and its panda-like dial design, the Panda Di has become the best of the DiTongna series. The black and white colour scheme means that it does not go out of fashion easily and is classic and versatile. The panda dial adds a touch of personality and style, and it is only natural that the combination of these two qualities should make it a hit.

The Day-Date

Compared to the Aquatimer and the Diagonal, the Logbook seems a bit “small”. But the fact that it has been selling so well is a testament to its strength.

The popularity of the Logbook is due to its excellent value for money. We all know that Rolex models, especially steel sports watches, have a high premium and that a fair price is basically out of the question. The Logbook, on the other hand, although it is also a steel watch,replica watches uk it is a formal style watch with no premium and will not exceed the metric price. And for around $70,000, you can get a watch with both iconic Rolex elements and the latest model of the 3235 movement, how can you not be tempted?

Which watch do you wear? You can order the model you like, using the same materials and the original open movement, and wear it for seven or eight years without a problem.

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