The Rolexes, the artifacts.

Today we’re talking about: the “artifacts” of Rolex. These interesting souvenirs replica rolex watches of the brand are rare, and even fetch high prices on certain fish. Owning them is a sign of Rolex fans everywhere. This is a rare opportunity to explain their origins.

A group photo of four "artifacts" that together are said to cost the equivalent of a Rolex Gramatimer.
A group photo of four “artifacts” that together are said to cost the equivalent of a Rolex Gramatimer.

This keychain is very exquisitely crafted and has a mirror finish on the back, so it can be used directly as a mirror. It is a gift for the media and VIPs of the 2018 Rolex Basel New Arrivals China Preview and the 50th Anniversary of the Sea Messenger model national tour. How can you tell if it’s a Rolex Triple Clasp Lock Waterproof Crown shape? The three dots beneath the crown represent the triple locking mechanism of the crown, which is equivalent to the smallest submarine hatch.

The Rolex Green Mooncake is very famous. It was launched as a media and VIP gift to commemorate the unveiling of the Rolex China Display Center, also known as the Rolex World, in September 2011. It was the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which gave it its nickname, the Green Mooncake. The Rolex World – World opened from 2011 to 2018, so the Green Moon Pie continued to be released for seven years, with a profound impact and popularity.

A keychain inspired by the shape of Rolex's famous triple-lock waterproof crown
A keychain inspired by the shape of Rolex’s famous triple-lock waterproof crown

The Ice Crust Mooncake survives in far lesser numbers than the Green Mooncake. The Ice Crust Mooncake was only released for one year, a few days to be exact. It commemorates the opening of the new Rolex showroom at Baselworld in 2013, a gift available to all Rolex-registered press and dealers who went to Baselworld that year. In other words, it was not given to those who arrived at Basel, but to those who were invited to the Rolex showroom and were able to listen to the presentation of the new product.

The ice-skinned mooncake is considerably larger than the green one, with a relief Rolex showroom on the front and a slightly sloping front, probably to make it easier for the owner to admire the design as a paperweight. The alloy large crown is very heavy, does not respond to magnets, and at first many friends thought it was copper. But later on, by measuring its density, it was indeed not copper,buy replica watches so we had to call it “Alloy Tiara”. The Alloy Crown was a gift from the 2009 Rolex “Coronet Forever” exhibition in Beijing, where 2,000 VIP guests from around the world were invited, which means there are around 2,000 of them in existence.

All three Rolexes feature triple-lock water-resistant crowns.
All three Rolexes feature triple-lock water-resistant crowns.

What was the “Coronet Forever” exhibition like? It is more than just a watch exhibition with high-tech displays such as sound and light. “The Coronet Forever is more like the centenary of Rolex. Eleven years on, the Coronet Forever exhibition remains a benchmark for mono-brand watch exhibitions.

Rolex gifts have been seen by Kang: sunglasses, folders, ballpoint pens, auctioned leather, spoons and forks, luggage tags, blankets, T-shirts, ties, golf balls, fans, chocolates, perfume….

Guide to fitting an original Rolex rubber strap

The Oysterflex, the first Rolex rubber strap, will also be available on the Daytona, starting in 2015. Compared to steel straps, rubber straps are lighter and more resistant to water and have a longer service life than leather straps.

Guide to fitting an original Rolex rubber strap
Guide to fitting an original Rolex rubber strap

However, those who use rubber straps will encounter a situation where if the replica rolex watches rubber is too hard, the strap will not fit comfortably. But if the rubber is too soft, the entire strap will collapse.

To solve this problem, the Oysterflex strap is equipped with Rolex’s patented longitudinal cushioning system (green part in the picture above). The main body of the strap is still made of hard rubber, but the part that touches the wrist is very thin and light, so it fits automatically according to the curvature of the wrist. Not only is it more comfortable, but the strap does not slide easily during movement.

Guide to fitting an original Rolex rubber strap
Guide to fitting an original Rolex rubber strap

For added strength, the black rubber is covered with a metal plate made of “titanium-nickel alloy”, which makes the watch less susceptible to various environmental conditions, making it durable and secure to wear.

The Oysterflex strap cannot be cut because of the metal support frame inside. To make it easier to wear, the Oysterflex buckle has a 5 mm room for expansion and adjustment. However, for people with different wrist circumferences, 5 mm is not enough.

Guide to fitting an original Rolex rubber strap
Guide to fitting an original Rolex rubber strap

The Rolex Oysterflex bracelet is actually available in six different lengths of “C, D, E, F, G, H” for use with a specific size code on the inside of the bracelet.

If you need to replace the strap, you can ask an authorized dealer to send it to the Rolex service center on your behalf, or you can go to the service center yourself. This replacement service is free of charge, but you have to ensure that the rubber strap has not been used and that it is not too long before purchase.

Rolex itself has also made an official data sheet with recommendations for Oysterflex strap models to match the wearer’s specific wrist circumference. For example, if the wrist circumference of the Rolex Daytona is 159-170mm, it is recommended to choose the D-F size; if the wrist circumference of the Rolex Yacht Series is 193-204mm, it is more appropriate to choose the F-H size.

It is worth noting that the order of D-F can not change, the case at six o’clock position to install D, twelve o’clock position to install F. If you choose to F-D, although it can also be worn, but the position of the folding clasp will not be in the center of the inner wrist, wearing uncomfortable.

Five things you may not know about the Rolex Daytona.

The Rolex Daytona is one of the most talked about models in the watch industry, but there’s still a lot to learn about its legend. For example, did you know that the Daytona wasn’t always Rolex’s most desirable model?

Dittona "Paul Newman"
Dittona “Paul Newman”

All Daytonas are Cosmographs, but not all Cosmographs are Daytonas!

The Cosmograph was first seen in the 1950s in the Rolex 6062 Oyster replica rolex watches Moonphase, which, it must be admitted, makes more sense as a model name. It then disappeared for a time until it reappeared in 1963 with the 6239.

Modern Platinum Daytona
Modern Platinum Daytona

2. The name Dittoner almost never appeared.

We remember Rolex as a very dedicated and determined watchmaking company, but this was not the case in the 1950s and 60s, when many model names were hesitant. The Submariner was almost named the “Skin Diver”; many watches were named after iconic dials and, similarly, some of the early Turn-O-Graphs bore the name “Monometer”. “; and the original plan for the Dittona was named Le Mans (Le Mans).

 This is the model with the fewest original Rolex elements.
This is the model with the fewest original Rolex elements.

3. was at first a failure.

Part of the reason that hand-wound Ditonas are so valuable today is that so few were made. In fact, the Ditoner was at first a failure. When a watchman asked for a discount on a Rolex in the late 1970s, this is how the salesman responded: “I’m sorry, sir, but Rolex doesn’t sell them at a discount, but if you’d like to buy a Ditoner, I can give you a 20% discount.”

4. all gold chronographs are chronometers, but not all of them are marked
Unlike the steel and gold versions of the hand-wound Daytona, which are equipped with a movement that has only been adjusted in three directions, the gold model is an officially COSC-certified chronometer, but only the 6263 and 6265 produced in the last few years have begun to indicate this on the dial.

5. this is the model with the fewest original Rolex elements
It’s well known that hand-wound Ditonnas are powered by Valjoux movements, but less widely known is that Rolex doesn’t make cases, dials or hands either. The cases are from Charles-René Spielmann (CRS, who also makes many cases for Omega Speedmaster); the dials are from Singer, Beyeler and Stern; and the hands are from Universo and other Swiss suppliers. But the watches are assembled by Rolex and are equipped with patented Oyster crowns and water-resistance gaskets. (Photo/text Watch House Xu Chaoyang)