Rolex Ambassador, the first “gold” watch.

This year, Rolex has introduced a new yellow gold colored seapassenger, model 126603. Separately written, the reason being that the new inter-gold seacock is very similar to the red-letter seacock (model 126600) previously replica rolex watches introduced by Rolex. The main configuration is consistent and many players are already familiar with the 126600.

But not long ago, when I talked about Rolex with a fellow watchmate, he said he wanted to start with a new “big number between gold and ghost”. “I just realized that some players are confusing the Mackinac with the Mackinac Messenger. Indeed, at first glance, the Aquaman and the Mercury are very similar, so I would like to focus on the new Rolex Mercury today.

The first Rolex Mercury in the Rolex Mercury.
The first Rolex Mercury in the Rolex Mercury.

The Rolex Ambassador model can be considered as an upgrade of the Rolex Aquaman (Submariner), the Ambassador model has a deeper water resistance. The Rolex Ambassador also has a long history, the first Rolex Ambassador was launched in 1967, model 1665 ( (The Rolex Mercury was introduced in 1953). The first Rolex Ambassador 1665 reached 610 meters of water resistance, surpassing the Rolex Mercury’s 300-meter level. After the first Sea Crew model 1665, the Rolex Sea Crew went through the 16660 in 1978, the 16660 in 1988, and the Rolex in 1988. The introduction of models such as the 16600 has evolved into today’s modern model 116600 and the latest 126600. Depth also rose to 1220 meters. It is Rolex’s most powerful professional dive watch (deepsea is also in the Sea Make model series).

The development of the Rolex Sea Mate in recent years was the launch of the Sea Mate 116600 in 2014 and the Sea Mate 126600 in 2017. The 126600 was launched to replace the 116600. 116600 also became the shortest production model of the Rolex Ambassador. One, produced for only 3 short years.The 126600, introduced in 2017, is the current Rolex Helmut model on sale, thanks to the The dial has the red SEA DWELLER lettering (continuing the history of the red-letter sea ambassador), also known as the red-letter sea ambassador. And in 2019, Rolex introduced a new inter-gold version of the Sea Messenger, the 126603 inter-gold model 126600. The 126603 is also the first inter-gold watch in the Rolex Seapassenger model, as all previous Seapassadors have been made of steel.

Rolex Herringbone m126603-0001
Rolex Herringbone m126603-0001

What kind of watch is the Rolex Inter-Gold Seapassenger?

Rolex currently sells the Hercules model (not counting the deepsea) in all-steel 126600 and in gold 126603. Two kinds. The two watches are pretty much identical except for the material.

The first major change in the Rolex 126600/126603 is the increased size. 126600/126603 The size is 43mm. Prior to this, the Sea Angels were all 40mm, the same size as the Aquaman. 126600/126603 increased the size to 43, it has been suggested that the size was increased to better fit the European and American wrist and to differentiate it from the Aquaman. At the same time, there is a helium valve on the side of the case of the Aquaman, which is not found on the Aquaman.

The second major change to the Rolex 126600/126603 is the addition of a date magnifying glass. Previously, the Rolex was the Aquamarine with a loupe, but the Aquamarine without a loupe, to differentiate. Back then, there was an opinion that because the Sea Make type waterproof depth of 1220 meters, such a depth far more than the Water Ghost’s 300 meters of waterproofing, due to the The water pressure at 1220 meters underwater prevented the installation of a magnifying glass, so there was no magnifying glass for the sea angels. But judging from the 126600/126603 with a magnifying glass, this statement is self-refuting. Since the 126600/126603 also had a magnifying glass, it looks fiercely similar to the Aquaman/Margin Aquaman! .

Rolex Herringbone m126603-0001
Rolex Herringbone m126603-0001

The Rolex 126603 is a gold-plated watch, a combination of gold and steel. 126603 has a bezel, crown, links and a middle section that are all in gold. Solid gold. Also, the numerals on the ceramic bezel are filled with gold. And like the Tudor inter-gold shield we’ve talked about before, many of the components are gold-coated, a layer of gold over stainless steel. Intrinsic or steel. For inter-gold watches this is important to identify. Brands like to the level of Rolex, Omega, Cartier and higher positioned brands will only use solid gold because of the high amount of gold used, so The public price will be higher. To match the look of the 126603 inter-gold sea angel, the watch dial has hour marker edges, hand edges, SEA The DWELLER lettering is made gold. The gold lettering creates a distinction from the red SEA DWELLER lettering on the Steelcase 126600.

Rolex sells the SEA DWELLER 126600/126603 with the new Rolex caliber 3235, which is currently used in the Rolex Mercury. The old model 3135 movement is used. The main feature of the new 3235 is its 70-hour power, which significantly exceeds the 48 hours of the old Rolex model 3135. The new 3235 movement also includes a new Chronergy skeleton escapement, a ball-bearing rotor, a high capacity The winding case, etc. It’s important to note that both the new 3235 movement and the previous 3135 movement keep time in line with the Rolex Superlative. Observatory standard, error +2/- 2 seconds per day. So most intuitively, apart from the difference in power reserve length, the 3235 and 3135 are identical in terms of performance timekeeping. From the public’s point of view, the Rolex on sale, whether it is the 3235 or 3135 movement, do not bother too much with this question.

As the first inter-gold watch in the Rolex Sea Messenger, the inter-gold Sea Messenger 126603 caused some discussion after its introduction. It is a good idea to have a watch that has been used as a “tool watch” since its inception, as well as a steel watch. . Now out of the gold inter-gold watches, take the luxury route, and lose the original purpose of the sea ambassador type. For this problem, there are foreign media specially with the gold sea envoy underwater deep dive test, to prove the professional level of the gold sea envoy type. My feeling about Rolex is that, no matter how luxurious Rolex is, how many diamonds and gems are added to it, Rolex’s nature is accurate and durable. It’s always the same.

The two kinds of sea make the actual market price are Around the metric mark, with the steel cased red letter Sea Angel overall a bit over metric. The Sea Make is a much smaller market than the 40mm Aquatimer because of its large size and thickness of 43mm. But the Sea Make model is unassailable as a professional Rolex dive watch and can be considered a player-oriented watch.

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