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Room Integrity Testing is a particular area of specialist expertise at ACi

Room integrity testing

Room integrity testing is one of the most crucial aspects of any fire suppression system, especially for laboratories, computer rooms, plant rooms and data centres.

Put simply a fire suppression system can only work in an adequately sealed room: an incompletely sealed room will allow the fire suppression agent to escape too quickly before the fire is extinguished. On the other hand if a room is sealed too tightly the suppression agent could cause structural damage Integrity Testing calculates the leak-tightness of a room and predicts how long it will take for the extinguishing agent to take effect.  If you would like to know more about this vitally important service please contact us.

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room integrity testing
An Integrity test is used to predict the time fire suppressant agents take to descend to a set level in the room without having to discharge the actual suppression system.